About Me

My name is Sanjo Ogunseye and I am a trained African Voiceover talent, known around the world, for my Authentic Sound and Fast Turn-around time. Welcome to my website.

International brands like United Nations, MasterCard, MoneyGram, Deloitte, World Bank, Etihad Airways, Standard Chartered, P&G, Transparency International, IBM, KFC, World Vision, Unilever, Disney/ESPN, CAF, Citi Group, Duracell, Knorr, GTBank, Multichoice, Endemol and many others from around the world choose me for their African voiceover projects because of the warmth, experience and authenticity I bring to each project.

As an African voiceover talent, I work from my professional grade studio on commercials, internet audio, narrations, documentaries, E-learning modules and so many other forms of voice over work. Toggle left Slidebar

I can get your professional quality recordings to you in your preferred audio format via e-mail, large file sharing sites or FTP within a few hours or have you direct me over the phone or the internet(Skype etc.). In recognition of my work and experience, I was a finalist at a recent voicey award as best foreign voice.

Apart from being heard on projects for and in Eastern, Western and Southern Africa, I am also a Nigerian voiceover talent and speak Hausa and Yoruba(Nigerian languages) fluently. I am called upon when an authentic Pan-African or Global sound is required. When an African Female talent or an additional Male talent is needed, I can cast them to accompany my voiceover on projects. I have been featured on several industry write-ups, podcasts and continue to get training internationally.

From Direct Clients to Advertising Agencies, Creative Directors, Radio & Television Production Coordinators, Copywriters to Sound Designers/Engineers, Animators to Video Producers, I work seamlessly to create your desired result. I invite you to listen to audio and watch videos of some of my works in the Portfolio section below. Kindly contact me to start work on your current and upcoming projects.

Portfolio I

Narration, Documentary, E-learning, Commercial, Promo and Internet audio Video Demos.

Portfolio II

Narration, Documentary, E-learning, Commercial, Promo and Internet audio Audio Demos.


A partial list of the clients I have had the pleasure of working with.


Contact me anytime on sanjo(at)sanjovo(dot)com for a free estimate, ask any question about my working methods, or just let me know that you passed through here. You can also use the form below and I will answer as soon as possible.
Recording sessions can be done over Skype, Phone patch and the high quality files sent to clients immediately afterwards. Contact me today.

Let's work together on your next African voiceover (Western, Eastern & Southern Africa), Hausa, Yoruba, Pidgin and casting for any other African voiceover project.

Contact Information

E-Mail: sanjo(at)sanjovo(dot)com
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